Wednesday, March 16, 2005


That's what we really need: Slipknot, but as executives. M. Shawn Crahan, the clown, has formed his own label; or at least been givne a bit of Sanctuary to play with. He's called it Big Orange Clown Records, naming it after his hero, Ian Paisley.

And you might think you can guess what sort of music it'll be pumping into the atmosphere, but - hey - let's not underestimate Clown's tastes:

"I'm always looking for that song -- whether it's classical, country, rap, hip-hop, hardcore, metal, whatever -- I'm looking for people who dig into their souls and they mean it," he told Billboard. "If they do, I'm going to be involved, because they might write that song that will for one minute make the world take a second to think about it and maybe bring on change."

So, what's his first signing, then? A string quartet? A bluegrass singer? Well, no, it's Gizmachi, who are a metal band. But we're sure that's just a coincidence. The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic have sent off a demo tape and are keeping their fingers crossed.

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