Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Hey, come on you guys, cut Billy Corgan some slack, eh? The poor guy is trying to carve out a new artistic niche, lay the past and embrace some new sort of horizons, and all you can do is yell for Smashing Pumpkins songs - do you think he wants to be reminded that people used to take him seriously and want to hear his music? Do you think it's fair to remind him that nobody really has any interest in his new self-indulgent performano-wankage? How cruel can you be?

In other words: Corgan got so sick of people yelling for Smashing Pumpkin songs during his Melbourne gig, he shouted "fuck this" and flounced off the stage.

What we find astonishing is that there were so many people who'd want to hear Pumpkins stuff, come to that.


Anonymous said...

and how many songs have you written?


Darren H said...

Ooh! My favourite kind of argument - obviously you can't tell any qualitative difference between Citizen Kane and "Dude Where's My Car" unless you've personally directed a film. Never played professional football? Well who the hell are you to say that Brazil 1970 are any better than Doncaster Rovers, eh?

How many hit singles have you had? How many public showings at the Vic & Al? How many Oscars? How many Olympic medals?

Damn - there go all my opinions...

(Unless it comes to "using work time to post stupid messages on blogs", oh yes!)

simon h b said...

... and I'm not entirely sure why writing songs or not would be appopriate in this case anyway - I suspect what the chap who signed himself 'dumbass' actually meant was 'and how many times have you written a whole new body of songs only to have the fans who liked your previous work to refuse to listen to your new material and attempting to force you to remain in perpetual prison of your own past?' - which, admittedly, hasn't happened to me since my drum n bass direction went down really poorly at the Conservatoire.

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