Saturday, November 19, 2005


Is it really 180 days since Courtney Love was sent to drug rehab? Apparently, she's done her time and she's coming home, leaving the centre with the praise of Judge Rand Rubin ringing in her ears:

"You're doing really well. I'm really pleased with the reports," Judge Rubin told Love on Friday.

See, Courtney? That's all it takes to stay clean - being locked up and surrounded by an entire staff of people dedicated to keeping you clean. Should be simple enough to stay out of trouble.


Anonymous said...

There was quite a nice interview with her in the Guardian on Friday.

Incidentally, had no idea till Mark Radcliffe mentioned it on his show with Noddy on Thursday that Ms Love had dated Julian Cope. Took me an hour to lift my jaw off the desk. Is that a commonly known pop fact?

Eleanor G

simon h b said...

It is in Liverpool - Courtney spent a lost year in the city, attracted by the Beatles, and being that sort of city, her life intersected with everyone else of any note who lived there at the time. We don't know what was wrong with Pete Wylie, though - perhaps Courtney had higher standards back then...

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