Sunday, August 06, 2006


The Sunday tabs have hit the street, and of course, there's a fair helping of poking about the dustbins of the McCartney-Mills union.

The Trinity-Mirror group has clearly decided to throw its weight behind Heather, presumably in case she spends some of her divorce settlement buying the Mirror titles. The Sunday Mirror leads its paper today (why, what about Lebanon?) with a less-than-flattering reflection of McCartney's attitude to money: they claim he sent a solicitor's letter after Heather stole from him.

She took three bottles of cleaning fluid from one of his offices.

It also reports that Macca suggested that it should be Heather who paid him maintainence, although it does grudgingly admit that he did so only under legal advice that he had to.

Over at the News of the World, while they wait to see if they really do get sued by Heather once the divorce is settled, they're rooting for Paul:

And we can reveal that Heather, 38, rubbed salt in by branding pop idol Macca as past it—vowing in front of shocked staff that she'd "never date a pensioner again".

Blimey. Mind you, if she gets even half the settlement she's looking for, not only will she never need to date a pensioner again (although, as Macca is only 64, she hasn't yet) but she won't need to date a multi-millionaire ever again, either.

Paul's friends - the ones he's not sacked because they were too close to Heather - are busily building him up as the one who's been damaged in all this:

"And to think he defended Heather immediately after they announced their split. That's what you call a man of honour."

Although the bickering over a half a bottle of Mister Muscle multi-surface cleaner might dent that honourable image a little.