Sunday, January 14, 2007

Koopa can bang ya

Congratulations, then, to Koopa, who seem to be getting called the first unsigned band to land a UK top 40 hit, although of course, they're not: even leaving aside the technical questions about self-released records and bands who work on agreements that aren't record contracts, surely Sway's Little Derek made the Top 40 while he was unsigned?

Anyway, Koopa have slunk in with Blag, Steal & Borrow at number 31, and thus count as the first unsigned act to have entered the top 40 without a record contract or a single, or something. It's a slightly less pleasing title for what's passing for history these days, but since it seems to be an achievement being celebrated as a suggestion of a shape of the future rather than for significant in its own right, it'll do. The first unsigned number one is still waiting, though...