Friday, November 02, 2007

Avril Lavinge "surprisingly popular in Europe": MTV Europe awards

The MTV Europe Awards were mostly notable for the tale of two screw-ups: Winehouse and Doherty. Amy barely managed to make it through her song:

She accepted her award with a brief "Thanks" before walking off stage. Minutes later she stumbled through her song with a thin, wailing voice instead of the rich growl that has won her so many fans.

Winehouse appeared to have trouble remembering the words to her own song, her dancing was stilted and out of step and she was unsteady on her feet.

Babyshambles, though, were as polished as the Osmonds:
Pete Doherty, in the headlines for his self-confessed drug addiction and affair with supermodel Kate Moss, led the Babyshambles in a haunting rendition of "Delivery".

Asked what was behind this apparent change, he told Reuters: "Yeh, it's all different now. I don't know ... God, and melody."

Munich music fan Ina Rousseau and her friend Ana Jordan particularly liked Doherty's performance. "He was here. He was singing and not falling down," said Jordan, 26.

Not falling down isn't exactly setting the standard that high, though. Even Amy didn't quite fall down.

For European awards, the prizes went to a surprisingly surburban American idea of what's good music. Avril Lavigne won two, for example, despite her near-eclipse on this side of the Atlantic.

The winners in full:


- 30 Seconds to Mars

BAND OF 2007

- Linkin Park


- Nelly Furtado - Loose


- Rihanna


- Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend


- Tokio Hotel


- Muse


- Avril Lavigne


- Justice - D.A.N.C.E


- Amy Winehouse

Any prize ceremony in which 30 Seconds To Mars leaves clutching a trophy has contained within itself the detail of its own failure.


Alex B said...

"BAND OF 2007

- Linkin Park"

And they say MTV is out of touch...

Anonymous said...

I was flicking through the programme guide on sky last night and was astonished that they managed to show the awards ceremony on 8 channels. I'm not kidding. 8 channels each with a half hour between starting the show. I'm not sure I want to see it on one let alone 8 and especially not 8 channels which are part of a subscription package. What a con.

Christopher said...

The "near eclipse" of achieving your two highest ever UK chart positions back to back? Avril Lavigne might be 50% reasonable pastiche of a pastiche pop music and 50% wannabe Alania Morisette whiny dreck, but she's never been more popular.

As she constantly bleated on all night, her second album is the second biggest selling of the ye.. mumbley mumbley moo.

Anonymous said...

As was mentioned Winehouse was sort of...? at the EMA's, she sucked big time.. 30 Seconds To Mars..? nothing wrong with that, a band that is hard working, you can actually understand them, and Leto shows up looking dapper, sounding sober, and accepted their well deserved award. Foo Fighters... how about a shave and a wardrobe those extreme closeups... Just No!...Snoop.... Geez just gold plate your safe that you keep all your jewelery in, and wear that , on a chain around your neck.. LOL
Avril...??? whatever... she got votes...
30STM... Awesome ! Jared Leto ..understated elegance...Best part of the show... no losers re-enacting a Kanye West scenario.

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