Wednesday, March 19, 2008

All the Apples you can eat

Reports over on The Register and the FT suggests that the long-expected iTunes killer might be... iTunes itself.

Apple are in talks with labels about introducing an all-you-can-eat subscription service - of the sort where you keep paying for music and own nothing at all - and it could be as close as just debating about how large the figure will be.

Obviously, the tracks under such a service would have to be wrapped in something to stop the (for the music industry) nightmare of people sucking down the lot in month one and unsubscribing.

God alone knows why Apple would want to get into such an unsatisfying deal - presumably it's a bid to offer the same sort of deal as Nokia are lining up for their customers.

[Thanks to Michael M]


Jack said...

Presumably an "all you can eat" model would be a subscription like the legal Napster did (do?) where you have to keep up a subscription in order to listen to the songs.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes. Or capture the audio stream as you play them...

Olive said...

Regardless of the technology that will be used, has anyone made any money using the the subscription model?
Granted, if anyone is going to make it work it'll be Apple, but there are still loads of questions that need answering

* What happens if I replace my iPod with another manufacturer's kit?
* Can I burn the tracks that I've paid for and play them on my home stereo?
* What happens in six months when you decide that the subscription model isn't doing it for you, do I get to keep the tracks?

Spence said...

Worst. idea. ever.

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