Saturday, June 28, 2008

Glastonbury web round-up: Raging at the rain

Metronomy are having a lovely time at Glastonbury, although Gigwise shows they might be enjoying the grumbling as much as the fun:

Speaking to Gigwise about a radio interview where Eavis was quoted as saying there is wall to wall sunshine. Bass player Gabriel said: “It doesn’t matter because I’m having good time – but it’s such blatant lying.”

Oscar was singled out by the band for being a Glastonbury virgin, and a somewhat subdued Oscar quipped: “I haven’t seen any evidence that it’s so special. It sounds really harsh but maybe I will. We don’t want to be ungrateful. I am having a good time.”

Q went to see Shakin' Stevens, who seems to have confused his invite to play with an interest in what he's doing now:
[T]he former chart-topping star may have misjudged the situation a little when he announced: "We're going to do a few tracks from the new album."

Surely this would have been an opportunity to wheel out the entire back catalogue of hits rather than using it as a showcase for new songs?

Especially since he didn't do Green Door. And, as Q observed, there'd been a literally-minded request in the shape of:
a punter in the audience carrying a green door

And is the NME still running eye-catching headlines that don't really stack up?

Kings Of Leon defy the BBC at Glastonbury

Really? How?

Scroll down, and down, and down, and you find this:
"The people at the BBC asked us not to play any new songs," explained Caleb introducing the track, "but we're going to have to ruffle some feathers tonight because it's Glastonbury."

So, it's not actually defiance as such, it's just turning down a polite request. And it's probably not that seriously asked anyway - after all, hardly anyone would recognise an old Kings of Leon track, so it doesn't make much of a difference if they slip in some new ones, does it?