Thursday, May 07, 2009

Chris Brown: Let's talk about anything other than what I did

Chris Brown's attempts to build a defence by focusing on anything other than the incident with which he has been charged continue with attempts to call for an investigation into the leaking of the post-beating Rihanna photo:

[Brown's lawyer] Geragos is reportedly seeking notes from the Internal Affairs probe, along with notes from the 25 officers and LAPD personnel who handled the case and other documents that he intends to use "at the preliminary hearing to attack their credibility. The defense intends to prove and argue that the aforementioned officers are not credible and that the Court should not believe some of their statements."

Obviously, many musicians get annoyed when their work is shared online without permission, but if anyone has the right to be outraged over the leaking of the photo, it's not Brown.
Regardless of whether an LAPD officer leaked the photo, as Geragos suggests, the attorney believes that the leak has irreparably damaged his client's case, according to The Associated Press.

"The purpose of the leak was necessarily for profit and to vilify Mr. Brown and poison the potential jury pool," Geragos wrote in his motion of the photo, which he claims was seen by "hundreds of thousands of viewers" and which can still be seen in multiple stories on the TMZ site, including its report on this motion. The AP reported that Geragos is seeking files on officers, detectives, supervisors, criminalists and a forensic photographer, as well as information about any misconduct complaints others have filed against officers in other cases. A judge is scheduled to hear the motions on May 28.

So this a defence which isn't "I didn't hit her", but focusing on how bad Brown ended up looking because he hit Rihanna. Clearly, Geragos' line is that what remains of Brown's reputation has to be sacrificed to try and keep him out of jail.


Anonymous said...

First of all the LA district Attorney's office is completely wrong for charging Chris Brown with 2 felonies. There was NO great bodily injury done to Rihanna - nothing was broke, nothing was permanently damaged. She fought him, just as much as he fough her - she actually started the fight. If they had charged him based on the crime, instead of public opinion - based on the leaked photo- he could have pleaded quilty to a misdeamnor - being a first time offender and an extremely decent kid. But Rihanna should not get off without having to take anger management courses.

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