Friday, February 19, 2010

Bookmarks - Internet stuff: Mary Lou Lord

Picked up from Mary Lou Lord's Facebook page, and then repeated via Oh No They Didn't, Lord has finally spoken about what happened between her and Kurt. It seems she saw that it was the main topic focused on by her Wikipedia entry, and, understandably isn't thrilled by that. So, she's filled out the backstory - via Shawn Colvin and the Teenage Fan Club to playing Kurt's songs for Kurt. It's a lovely slice of a musical story, and reclaims a friendship from the prurient gossips.

Having said that, and because, at heart, indie fans are just like JLS fans, but just with better taste, this is probably the sentence that most people will focus on:

This was a fuckload more than a fictional BLOWJOB (No, sadly (should have for all the shit I took about it anyway) I didnt go there)..that Courtney MADE UP!!

... but that isn't the key part.

[Thanks to the divine Becky B for the link]