Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gordon in the morning: Not o-Kai revisited

You'll recall the brief moment when The Sun had a brief stirring of conscience, leading it to pixelate out the face of Kai Ronney? I say conscience, I mean "decided to pretend it was outraged at the idea of criminals trying to make money from invading the privacy of a toddler and briefly removed anything that might make it look hypocritical", of course.

Today, Gordon runs a long-lens photo of a one year-old and, for good measure, details the family's holiday plans as well.

Lady Buscombe of the Pointless Press Complaints Commission was on the radio earlier in the week, joyfully trilling about how effective her ineffective organisation is, telling us we wouldn't believe what they keep out the press. Given how often Gordon Smart runs stuff like this, it makes you shudder imagining how bad the stuff they do intervene against must be.