Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gordon in the morning: On target

At Leveson this week, Gordon explained to the judge the extraordinary lengths his team go to in order to make sure not a word of untruth appears on their pages.

And yet if you hit the Lady GaGa joins darts team, it gives a hollow ring.

At best, this seems to be 'GaGa throws a couple of darts' which has been baked up into a wider story, with the inevitable photoshop slapping of GaGa's head onto a dart player's body and insane conclusions:

It's a shame she wasn't over at Christmas when the PDC World Darts Championship was on at Alexandra Palace, north London. The event would be right up her street, especially as she enjoys sinking a pint or two.
This is a bit like grandparents who, one day, hear you say "I liked today's Peanuts" and conclude this a coded way of asking for all gifts in the future to be Snoopy-themed. You toss a couple of darts? Why, clearly, you'd want to spend all your time watching darts and playing darts and talking about darts forever.

Still, let's just admire the hours and hours of diligent fact-checking that must have gone in to standing up the original claims.

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