Saturday, July 07, 2012

CBGB festival closed as former bassist 'stabs' replacement

While Bloc was falling apart in London, New York's highest-profile festival was also suffering a shutdown of its own. It appears that former member of Cro-Mags Harley Flanagan turned up at the band's set and, it's claimed, stabbed two people.

ABC news has some details:

Around 8:15 on Friday, EMS and police responded to New York City nightclub Webster Hall for a stabbing.

When EMS arrived, they found one of the victims had been slashed, and the other had been bitten.

Sources say that the two injured men were members of the band that was performing on Friday night. Both victims are expected to be okay.
There's been some, uh, creative work done on Flanagan's Wikipedia page, which currently claims he had set fire to a Philadelphia playground - a story about someone else pasted in with a find and replace on the name. It also has a summary of the events of last night, which I'm suspecting might fall short of Wikipedia's demands for accuracy and citation:
On July 6th 2012, he was arrested for stabbing and biting current members of The Stonecutters Social Club backstage at Webster Hall in NYC, protesting their "No Homers" admittance policy,while clearly allowing Homer Glubnick into the fold. He was then taken into custody by the NYPD. While being put into the back of the police officer's car he could be heard screaming, "I was the one who ate the foot off of the Jesus in St. Peter's Cathedral." It is not known whether the foot was recovered. Foot was allegedly from the Age of Quarrel, roughly 300 years before the ascent of Elizabeth I.
Hopefully that's made things clearer.