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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Adam Levine hates America

So on Tuesday night, on the American version of The Voice, Adam Levine was puzzled by the ridiculous choices made by the phone vote.

"I hate this country" he joshed, in an eye-rolling way. You know, like the way you might tell someone you love that you hate them if they eat the last Quorn cocktail sausage, or they score a day off you don't get. "I hate you" you say, but you don't mean it.

Everyone knows that, right?

Nothing to see, right?

Sorry, what's that Fox News contributor Todd Starnes?

I was watching “The Voice” last night, NBC’s singing competition and I could not believe the words coming out of my flat screen television.
Todd, you'll note, just slips in that he has a flat screen television. He's no hick, with a big old clunky cathode ray tube. That's because he's a success. In America, when you're a success, your TV gets flat. If you don't like that, get the hell out of America.
It happened near the end of the two-hour episode just after country music crooner Amber Carrington had been saved from elimination by television viewers.

Coach Adam Levine was upset because two of his singers were in the bottom three – and that’s when he muttered something under his breath.

“I hate this country,” he said – apparently unaware his microphone was hot.

“I hate this country.”
To be fair to Todd Starnes, it must have been tricky for him watching the Mainstream Media for two hours; obviously something was going to have to give.

Of course, under those circumstances, Levine setting fire to the flag, pissing on a soldier, and then actually suggesting that apple pie and motherhood were over-rated was going to set Todd off.

And given that none of that happened, Todd had to cling to what he could get.

So, Levine, apparently unaware that his audience were nuts, said something that could possibly be wilfully misinterpreted as being anti-patriotic. But you'd need a prism for that to work.

Have you got a prism, Todd?
Levine, the Maroon 5 frontman, is a passionate supporter of President Obama.

During the 2012 presidential election he warned the nation in a tweet: “Dear America, if you don’t re-elect @barackobama, I’m gonna lose my sh*t.”

And after Obama won re-election, Levine tweeted: “That’s what happens when you f*ck with Sesame Street.”
Ah, he supported Obama last year. So, obviously, prone to being anti-American sharing that support with just half of all Americans who could be arsed to go out and vote. That's practically communism.

But, Todd, you've surely seen Adam trying to explain patiently that it was the sort of humorous remark that people say all the time?
As you might imagine the “country” didn’t take kindly to Levine’s nationally televised hissy fit. So Levine decided to use Twitter to clarify his remarks.

He was all a big joke, he explained. Oh yeah – it was a real chuckle fest.
You know that not always everything that's said in jest is going to be a guffaw party, don't you, Todd? Like when Fox claims it's fair and balanced, that sort of joke isn't one that people laugh their heads off at, right?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gordon in the morning: He hit me, and it felt like a crossover hit

Gordon interviews Maroon 5's Adam Levine this morning. Do you know what makes Levine cross?

I’m of the belief that because our culture has changed so much, people don’t find that exclusivity very important any more, which I love because I hate it.

People who tell me they only like one kind of music, I want to punch them in the face.
Violence is never the answer, although if people tell you they only like one kind of music, and it's Maroon 5, you might struggle to not make an exception.

The Sun clearly realises that Levine's dull in his own right, as most of the page reporting the interview is given over to three massive photos of Behati Prinsloo in her pants. You wonder if they'd even have bothered to talk to him if he didn't provide an excuse for lingerie pictures.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Maroon 5 now at war with Fox News

Parody news channel Fox News has gone to war with Maroon 5.

Fox quite likes using Maroon 5's music in the gaps between its swivel-eyed skrikecasts; Adam Levine has asked them to stop.

Fox doesn't like being told what to do. (It can work out what the Republicans want it to do all by itself). So they've wittily shot back:

Fox News hosts Greg Gutfeld and Andy Levy both replied to the singer on Twitter, each mocking the "Dear Fox News" phrasing of Levine's tweet. "Dear Adam, that's not music," wrote Gutfeld. Levine elaborated slightly in his tweet, writing "Dear @AdamLevine, don't make crappy fucking music ever again. Thank you."
Ha-ha, that's telling him. Telling him that the music you play on network is rubbish, admittedly, but telling him all the same.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Unlikely opening lines to music stories of our time: Number one in a series

From PopMatters:

With the respect Maroon 5 is given within the pop music industry, it’s hard to believe the band has produced only two albums.

Respect? Maroon 5? The closest, surely, Maroon 5 get to respect is when giggling small children take care to make sure the spunking cock that they've drawn on Adam Levine's back looks well defined and has a fair level of pubic hair included.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Levine: Something of a charmer

Adam Levine - what a guy: he reckons he dumped Maria Sharapova because of her behaviour during sex:

She wouldn’t make any noise during sex.

"I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I really thought, like a lot of guys, that she'd be the loud screaming type.

"But instead, she just lay there like a dead frog."

Adam, sweetheart, as most IT support desks could tell you: if you're not getting the results you expect, it's usually down to operator error. Something wrong with the input.
"She even got angry if I started to moan, said it 'ruined her concentration."

She was probably afraid you were about to burst into song.
"It was so disillusioning that I went on Paxil for a month afterwards.

"Really, it was much more of a shock than when I found out there's no such thing as the Easter Bunny."

Really? Or was it more like the time you realised you couldn't fly, Adam?

Still, it's not like he's going to need to worry in the future - who's going to have sex with a man who - if it doesn't live up to his Porkys fantasises - goes to the press to whine like a fifteen year-old about it?

Monday, July 09, 2007

Get a date with Adam Levine

Obviously, not with him, as who'd want that? No, the Maroon Five singer has given his tips to American teens about how to get a date:

"Say or do something that's out of the ordinary... It's not about what perfume you're wearing or if your shoes are cute. If you do something with purpose that is different than what everybody else does, then it makes you stand out."

Of course, coming from a man whose band dribbles out a dirge so conservative even David Cameron's big tent would find it difficult to contain it, the advice to "stand out" is strange - and, of course, what could be better advice to teens who are already so badly in need of advice about how to get a date that they're turning to him that acting out of the ordinary is a great idea. Oh, yes, American High Schools are known for their tender embrace of the unusual, the quirky, the other, aren't they?

Monday, May 28, 2007

Newton dislikes Maroon 5 - suddenly

We're a little puzzled by the meandering Woman Wears Yellow Dress story which Victoria Newton has run with today, which then suddenly turns into a spot of Maroon 5 bashing:

More middle-of-the-road than catseyes, US rockers MAROON 5 somehow scored their second UK No1 album last night with It Won’t Be Soon Before Long.

Shame on you if either album is in your record collection.

While Victoria has a point, it's a little surprising to see her so full of hate for the band. Perhaps part of the way they "somehow" sold lots of their album would have been the simpering press coverage, such as in, erm, Bizarre?
I'VE had plenty of American bands come over to the UK and bid to win my Caners' League - so it's nice to find some Yanks who would prefer to walk off with Bizarre's Shagger prize instead.

MAROON 5 frontman ADAM LEVINE - who was linked to a string of celeb babes including JESSICA SIMPSON and NATASHA BEDINGFIELD before finding love with his new lady - told me: "Girls influence everything.[...]

You can hear more of my interview with Adam - and a preview of his band's new album It Won't Be Soon Before Long - on this week's Bizarre Podcast.

Oddly, then offering exclusive samples of the album, Newton forgot to mention that purchasing it was a thing to be ashamed of. Funny, that.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Levine the dream

The problem with the identification of the Pink Pound, and the corporate need to try and "target the gay market" is that you wind up with awkward situations like Adam Levine of Maroon Five doing interviews with The Advocate trying to get in touch with the band's gay audience:

"There are beautiful men out there. Antonio Banderas is gorgeous. Well, maybe not so much anymore. He peaked around 'Desperado'.

"I mean, every male secretly wants to have sex with Brad Pitt, but that's a given."

"Men have a certain camaraderie with each other that's easygoing and kind of simple, when you think about it. Sometimes men and women clash mentally."

God, it's like that bit in A Very Peculiar Practice where Peter Davison's trying to cope with talking to a lesbian, isn't it?

Levine concludes by revealing that blokes don't queue up to have sex with him:
"Not Hey, you wanna make out?' It doesn't happen to me. I don't know why."

Because going up and saying "lets make out" is how every bloke who finds men attractive goes about things, isn't it? Apart, of course, from the ones who just fling you to the ground and start to hump you.

We would love to see the look on Levine's face if Brad Pitt did turn up with a ball gag, a cheeky wink and a pass from Angelina Jolie.