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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Claim of thrones: Alfie Allen doesn't exactly back up Lily

A short while back, Lily Allen was telling people that she could have been in Game Of Thrones but they'd tried to cast her in an incesty role with her brother.

Oddly, though, Alfie doesn't seem to know anything about this. The Mirror reported this:

The actor, who plays Theon Greyjoy on the hit HBO series, has refuted that Lily was ever an option to play Yara Greyjoy.

He said: "The only thing I'm going to say on that is that it's not true."
Interesting in many ways - not least that The Mirror doesn't know what "refute" means. Also interesting that that report appeared on the Mirror site nearly a fortnight ago, but the Daily Mail is reporting exactly the same story this morning like it's news.

Also interesting is how the Mirror takes Alfie as saying 'it's not true' and somehow manages to take from this that Lily was never an option.

Still, it must be hard for Alfie - now the rising star of the family, suddenly finding a relative trying to wet their beaks by saying 'yeah, they offered me a role but I turned it down'.

At least that's lightning that won't strike twice, though.

Oh. Hang on.:
Keith Allen could be joining his son in fantasy drama Game Of Thrones after auditioning for a role in the bloodthirsty show. - See more at:

The actor told The Times he has gone for the role of a slave who leads a rebellion "like Spartacus".

He said: "Every scene is a bloodbath. Frankly I think I'm cut out for that."

Allen also revealed he had previously auditioned for the part of his son Alfie's on-screen father but said he deliberately failed the screen test.

He told The Times the offer was "a bit cheesy, a bit obvious" so he "did a rubbish audition"
Sources close to Alfie Allen say he's mulling a "I could have pranced about bellowing in a Fat Les video" counterstrike.

For those who haven't seen Game Of Thrones, it's a series a bit like Merlin but with more nudity.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Northern Soul: The movie (may not contain actual Northern Soul)

You'd have thought that it would be hard to balls up a Northern Soul movie. Well, okay, casting Alfie Allen in it was probably a sign that Souled Out was going to struggle a little, but at least the soundtrack would be spot-on, right?


Paul Weller, Duffy and Mark Ronson's studio-band The Dap-Kings are working on the soundtrack for a new independent film about Britain's 1970's Northern Soul phenomenon.

Right. So it's a film about a youth movement where the music was absolutely everything, and they're instead wheeling in a couple of twenty-first century acts to do the music instead?

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Darkness at 3AM: Groins gone toxic

Day four of the new management at 3AM, and it looks like they've already run into the ground: today, they're running with Alfie Allen's public hair.

Yes, the-brother-of-the-daughter-of-the-bloke-from-the-mouthwash-advert. Apparently he's had to have his pubes trimmed before going onstage in Equus.

Yes, that's their lead story.

They also have a pop stars get drunk shocka - the Arctic Monkeys, in this case. They attempt to make the story interesting by injecting a not-very-subtle drugs reference:

Jaime [Winston, who turned up] clearly had quite a thirst as she kept shouting for her Coke.

Do you get... oh, you do.

More surprisingly, they manage to get the Natasha Bedingfield story completely wrong:
All that attention in the States must have gone to Natasha Bedingfield's head 'cos she seems to have forgotten where she comes from.

The toothy singer has cracked America by being the first UK-signed female to enter the Billboard album charts at number three. And her next single is being released in the US first.

Except, of course, the album was held back for months in the US before being pushed out in the weak, post-Christmas period - hence its better-than-expected chart entry point - garnering a bunch of less-than-impressed reviews.
But with all this talk of being big in the US, she's ignoring her UK fans.

All 10 of them, that is, because last night Natasha cancelled all her UK tour dates again blaming US commitments.

"Last night"? Ten days ago, surely?

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Oh god, there's more of them

Now we're going to be awash with Allens: Keith Allen's daughter's brother is going to appear in the series spun-off the historical prequel to Casualty.

That's Alfie Allen in Casualty 1907, then.