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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Rigging online polls almost as simple as hacking Twitter - reports

The Alternative Press Readers Chart came in for some special attention, reports Hypebot:

Digital street team enabler Fancorps set out to offer some proof by asking members of four of its band street teams to vote for their favorite artists in the 2009 Alternative Press Readers Chart. The result? Teams using the Fancorps platform (Forever The Sickest Kids, Anberlin, Hit The Lights, and Ludo) grabbed the top four slots.

"When we learned of the AP Reader's Poll, we saw it as the perfect opportunity to motivate Fancorps members of the street teams we administer to try and truly effect a tangible outlet," said Tony Edwards, Director of Sales and Marketing at Fancorps. "When the issue hit news stands and our teams had topped the chart we were thrilled and further re-assured that our efforts and system undoubtedly can return unquestionable results."

Actually, Mr Edwards, what you've proved is how valueless and easy-to-manipulate online polls are, not the value of streetteams. Indeed, your admission that you rigged the poll - or let's say 'motivated fans to ensure they had their voices heard in the poll' - merely chips a little more away from the kudos of winning such a vote.