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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ivor winners in full

The curious Ivor awards - for songwriters and, this year, for Noel Gallagher's heores - have been dolled out, and here's who took them home:

Song: Daniel
Writer/s: Natasha Khan
Performed By: Bat for Lashes
UK Publisher/s: Chrysalis Music

Song: The Fear
Writer/s: Lily Allen / Greg Kurstin
Performed By: Lily Allen
UK Publisher/s: Universal Music Publishing / EMI Music Publishing

Broadcast: Desperate Romantics
Composer: Daniel Pemberton
UK Publisher/s: Moncur Street Music

Album: Sunny Side Up
Writer/s: Paolo Nutini
Performed By: Paolo Nutini
UK Publisher/s: Warner/Chappell Music

Song: The Fear
Writer/s: Lily Allen / Greg Kurstin
Performed By: Lily Allen
UK Publisher/s: Universal Music Publishing / EMI Music Publishing

Film: Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Composer: John Powell
UK Publisher/s: EMI Music Publishing

Game: Killzone 2
Composer/s: Joris de Man
Developer: Guerrilla Games
UK Publisher/s: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe

Imogen Heap

Paul Weller

Trevor Horn

Lily Allen and Greg Kurstin

Neil Sedaka

Sir Tim Rice

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies

Johnny Marr

It's still never convincingly been explained to me why the song that is best musically and lyrically isn't the best song. Obviously, Daniel is a better song than The Fear, but I'm not clear what criteria the Ivors have used to decide this. "The Fear has the best music, and the best lyrics, but it's totally the wrong length and has a terrible title"?

I'm also wondering if the organisation needs to rethink the 'most played' prize - I'm sure The Fear did get played more than anything else last year, but only because it was used as a bed by everyone editing together a package for any purpose at all. Maybe the prize should only go to the 'most played in full' song?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Asian Music Awards 2010: Bat For Lashes wins at last

Bat For Lashes might have missed out on the Brits, but Natasha has picked up a prize at the UK Asian Music Awards.

Which took place on Friday. First with the news as ever.

Still, with the Asian Network doing so much great work for the Anglo Asian music scene, these awards are timely, giving a chance for the tireless team in Birmingham to be given a pat on the back; a chance to demonstrate some love for the AN.

So who from the slate of Asian Network presenters won the best radio show category?

Nihal - Radio 1


The winners in full:
Best Album
Jay Sean - All Or Nothing

Best Female Act

Best Male Act
Jay Sean

Best Alternative Act
Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes)

Best Club DJ

Best Newcomer

Best Producer
Sukshinder Shinda

Best International Act
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Best Desi Act
Imran Khan

Best Urban Act
Jay Sean

Best Radio Show
Nihal - Radio 1

Best Video
Jay Sean - Down

Best International Album
Miss Pooja - Romantic Jatt

Outstanding Achievement

Commitment to Scene
Talvin Singh

Monday, August 03, 2009

Embed and breakfast man: Bat For Lashes

Not all record company money is spent suing people - they still find some cash to make videos. Obviously with the idea of the artist repaying them in the long run, but even so...

This is what Parlophone have had rustled up to promote Bat For Lashes' Sleep Alone:

[Buy Two Suns | Download Two Suns]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Ash to Bat For Lashes

As twittered by Sweeping The Nation earlier, Charlotte Hatherley has taken work with Bat For Lashes:

I'm happy as Larry because the music is so ACE and i not only get to play heavily chorused guitar a la The Cure, but get to play throbbingly fuzzed up bass, keyboards and twinkly bells.

The good news, though, is that she's not skimping on the stuff she does under her solo banner, either:

You may be wondering where that leaves me and my third solo album Cinnabar City...we-he-hellll next weekend i am making a video for the first single 'White' which is going to be AMAZING. No, really you must take my word for it. I am learning the song backwards which is incredibly weird and will be having paint thrown at me from all directions, whilst wearing a super sci-fi white dress. Think a happy Carrie from the future. I'll also be getting a whole load of new photos done and have gotta do a full make over of all my websites. I'll be blogging about the video next week and putting up pictures and videos of me getting splattered.

White is due for release over the summer, and the album will be out in September. I'll be doing solo festivals, and then will properly on the road Sep/Oct/Nov through to 2010. Jesus, 2010 looks weird written down. It's an impressive looking year. It looks very likely i'll be touring the States with Cinnabar as we've had loads of interest, this record is really striking a chord over there. Australia is also looking good for 2010 release.

September is not so far away.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Batting for Radiohead

Good news for people planning to see Radiohead in their only-places-where-you-can-get-easily-on-the-bus tour of UK and Europe: Bat For Lashes are going to be in support.

To 'celebrate', here's Moon and Moon from The Culture Show in 2007:

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Prep for lashes

A visual treat over on the Creative Review blog: a look at Dougal Wilson's sketchbooks, showing the process of creation for Bat For Lashes' What's A Girl To Do video.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Everyone you'd expect nominated for MTV EMAs

The nominations for this year's MTV EMAs have been published, although publishing suggests too great a revelation for what is, in effect, just nodding at what you'd expect to happen:

30 Seconds to Mars
Fall Out Boy
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance

Gym Class Heroes
Justin Timberlake
Kanye West

BAND OF 2007
Fall Out Boy
Good Charlotte
Linkin Park
My Chemical Romance
Tokio Hotel

Amy Winehouse – Rehab
Beyoncé and Shakira – Beautiful Liar
Mika – Grace Kelly
Nelly Furtado – All Good Things (Come To An End)
Rihanna ft Jay-Z – Umbrella

Akon – Konvicted
Amy Winehouse – Back to Basics
Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing
Linkin Park – Minutes to Midnight
Nelly Furtado – Loose

30 Seconds to Mars
Depeche Mode
Fall Out Boy
My Chemical Romance
Tokio Hotel

Arctic Monkeys
Foo Fighters
Justin Timberlake

Bat For Lashes – What's A Girl To Do
Chemical Brothers – The Salmon Dance
Foo Fighters – The Pretender
Justice – D.A.N.C.E
Justin Timberlake – What Goes Around
Kanye West – Stronger

Avril Lavigne
Christina Aguilera
Justin Timberlake
Nelly Furtado

You'll note, of course, that in a bid to make the list more interesting, they've come up with funky names for the categories - although , clearly, by the time they got to solo artist they were as uninspired in titling as they were with their choices.

Look, Justin Timberlake is a lovely chap, and makes some pleasant enough music, but are we really to believe that he bestrides the arts world like some Magic FM mandated colossus?

Oh, yes, and the titling of Amy Winehouse's Back To Basics was an error introduced on the MTV UK website, although we do like the idea of Winehouse and John Major sharing a common interest in bringing back old maids cycling to evensong and warm heroin on tap in the local pub.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jo Whiley: Amy was robbed

Jo Whiley has abandoned the strict impartiality required of her as presenter of the BBC coverage of the Mercury Prize - which is fair enough, as she'd earlier abandoned the required interviewing technique, too - and insisted that Amy Winehouse should have won the Mercury.


Erm, because Jo liked the album:

"Everyone was surprised. Amy was the favourite."

Er... Amy was the second favourite, Jo - remember that man from the bookmakers telling you on television that Bat For Lashes was the favourite?
"The Klaxons are lovely boys but Amy should have won.

"Back To Black is definitely my album of the past year - it's spellbinding. Her performance at the Mercury show was amazing. But it's not about how she performed, it's about the album."

We've not had a chance to look at the rules, but we're fairly sure that the prize is meant for the album decided by the judges to be the best of the year, rather than being an award for Jo Whiley's favourite.

We have a sneaking feeling that what probably happened in the judging stage was votes for Amy and votes for Bats For Lashes were cancelling each other out - the 'ooky female vocal' split - which let the Klaxons through. But we're getting tired at this insistence that, somehow, Winehouse had a moral right to the prize. Clearly, when the judges voted they didn't believe she did. When people bet on the likely winner, they didn't feel she had, either.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Mercury Music Prize: Liveblog

BBC Four's continuity promises us that "anything could happen" at the "most controversial music prize in the world". Controversial? Sure, it's not like there's many actually controversial music awards - nobody's ever gone to war over the Junos, for example, but The Source Awards surely are more fractious?

Jo Whiley and Jools Holland are presenting, as bloody ever - can't they find someone, anyone different for this? Dizzee Rascal's always there for no reason, they could get him to do it, surely? Make the trip worth his while.

The View are the first live band - "truly fantastic", says Jo. After their song, Jools has to announce them twice before the audience realises they're supposed to applaud.

Maps. It's hard to make mainly electronic music seem exciting in a live context, and great though Maps are, it would probably be wearing to sit through much of this at a gig. BBC Four try to perk things up by using an effect to make it look like you're actually watching him on a television. It doesn't help; nor does the low-budget version of the digital dotstream Nine Inch Nails had at Reading, to be honest.

BBC News Online have blown the one surprise of the evening - Amy Winehouse does turn up. Oh, so it's not live, and so, erm, the claim that "anything" could happen is a bit of a fib. If anything surprising, like bombs or evisceration had happened, they could have edited it out.

Jamie T does Salvador. He looks astonishingly like a young Stuart Adamson this evening; and his vocals are completely swamped in the mix, which means that anyone taking this chance to judge Jools Holland's praise for his wit and wisdom would be out of luck. The audience look a bit bored, but then every act at the Mercury is greeted with something akin to half-stoned indifference.

Picking up his nomination prize, Jamie T mutters some thank yous.

Ooh! New Young Pony Club!

Tahita's gone for a Davina-esque red dress; Lou has an ill-advised neck decoration that reminds me of Mrs. Macey, the school secretary who always seemed to be wearing a neck brace. Latterly, I've come to suspect she might have had a fetish rather than a neck problem.

The sound is pretty poor for them, which is a pity, but at least they had the wisdom to not do the one from the telephone commercial.

They're on the 'second stage' so they don't get to shake Jools' hand when they get their prize.

Radio 3's Charles Hazlewood (who's helping judge) and Holby City's Adrian Edmondson are now talking to Jo Whiley.

Hazlewood is telling us what a "massive job" listening to all the records "in theory" was. He looks a bit like Keith Allen tonight - he's always smarter when he's doing stuff about Tchaikovsky. He reckons the Mercury is "more esoteric" than The Brits, which is true, in the same way that having your arm cut off is less painful than having a red-hot poker put in your eye.

Adrian said New Young Pony Club were "more like a normal band" this evening than a group of children "on vodka".

"Songs are very hard to write" observes Adrian. Luckily, before he can elaborate, The Young Knives are taking the stage with their "misfit anthems" (as Jools explains.)

It's interesting that wearing some cheap-looking suits is enough to constitute a gimmick these days.

More than ever, tonight, The Young Knives prove to be the British Weezer.

Jools muffs reading out the name of Bat For Lashes' album. They're "wonderful and incredible", but he was clearly reading that.

She's already got her nomination award sat on her keyboard - I wonder if you get to choose if you'll be touching Jools Holland or not?

Being mainly vocal is a big plus, with the dreadful sound mixing not working against BFL.

I wonder if those are real peacock feathers.

Jools details The Arctic Monkeys' current tour schedule, leading into a bit of film of them holding a prize in Tokyo. They've abandoned doing amusing or interesting acceptance videos, then.

By not being in the room, they've left the choice of track representing them to a BBC Producer. Which is why the last thing the judges will hear from them prior to voting is, erm, Teddy Picker, from Glastonbury, a track whose filler-status was so obvious it's being offered alongside baked beans and cheese in the Spud-U-Like chain.

Fionn Regan has been called "a modern day Irish troubadour" says Jools. Why not just spit at him, Jools?

It was a character on A Bit of Fry and Laurie who first observed how distressing it is to have the harmonica played badly at oneself. To be fair, judging by how much Fionn is blinking, he's very, very nervous. Perhaps he realised that it's not a good idea to throw hungry critics a line like "be good or be gone" to play with.

He's got FR in blue sticky tape on his guitar, presumably because he's afraid that it might get muddled up with one of Amy Winehouse's guitars backstage. He might also have his name stitched into his underpants. The audience does cheer him, though, slightly lukewarmly. But it's a cheer, nevertheless.

Is Spud-U-Like still going?

Jo is now on the balcony getting the names of The Young Knives wrong. They don't seem to be bothered, though, giving off the air of men who;ve just completed a successful audit.

Natasha is also up there with them: she says the Mercurys are like a giant hamster wheel.

Apparently, there are still about two dozen Spud-U-Likes around the country, and a couple in Dublin. "There are only 25 calories per ounce in a spudulike potato" they tell us.

Dizzee Rascal is "a unique voice" says Jools - presumably meaning unique in the sense of the "only British black artist they can think of at shortlisting time". His DJ is doing something to the turntable with his mouth, which may or may not be a tribute to Daniel Day-Lewis in My Left Foot. Dizzee loves it, apparently, when he sees a pretty girl.

Spud-U-Like's website also boasts that "spudulike potatoes have value as a supplementary source of good quality protein", which is one of the few claims that Dizzee Rascal doesn't make during his track. Maybe in next year's Mercury nominated album, eh?

Amy Winehouse - "we're thrilled that Amy's here" says Jools, as in "surprised". She's wearing a beach towel, so presumably rushed here straight from that Caribbean Drug Getaway. It sounds like she knows she's got to do a shut-'em-up-performance, but doesn't quite make it.

Still, the record industry audience applaud like Jesus has just brought a round for them all. They'll be turning to each other and saying "and they say we don't support our artists..."

Basquiat Strings. My wife takes one look at the hair and calls a bathroom break.

Since bands like this never win the prize, but are there purely to allow the organisers to pretend they're eclectic, shouldn't they get an extra award alongside the standard nomination trophy? Or at least their cab fare paid. Or something.

Actually, it's like Prince Harry with Charlie Chuck on drums.

The Klaxons. "Exhilarating" pronounces Jools, sounding more relieved we've finally made it through the shortlist acts. Blimey, an act that sounds halfway decent. Could the mixing desk have advance intelligence of the judge's decision and are attempting to give the winners a secret hand by making them sound better than their peers this evening? Or are they just so relieved that Winehouse didn't vomit into the monitors they're able to concentrate on the affair at hand?

Briefly, Jools Holland looks like a man who is going to have to hold up a copy of today's paper and read out a list of his captor's demands.

Jo has now been joined by Adrain Edmondson and "friend of Bono" Neil McCormick from the Telegraph (he hasn't yet mentioned if people he doesn't know are still trying to kill him.)

McCormick tells us that Jamie T is "so now" but burbles on instead about how great Winehouse is. He then says before the Mercurys "we hadn't heard about Bat For Lashes before", which might be the case, we guess, if you spend most of your time hanging out with Bono.

Whiley cues up the obligatory package of previous winners, the only time the name "Roni Size" is ever heard on television all year.

Adrian Edmondson is still there. Now, I loved his adverts for Nat West as much as anyone's sell-out commercial work, but in a room supposedly full of the cream of the UK music industry, can't they find anyone else to share an opinion? Surely Conor McNicholas will be there with his hair washed and a clean shirt?

McCormick is bloody obsessed with Jamie T.

There's a comedy posh bookmaker doing a show of the odds now. He offers a "maybe the Klaxons" but Bat For Lashes leading the betting.

Jools is going to announce the winner: "only one can be the overall winner tonight" he helpfully reminds us. In case we've not quite got the idea of how a prize for best album might work.

Jools has two envelopes - one with a cheque in, one with the name of the winner in. Nationwide pay the winner by cheque?

Blake Idiot is in the audience.

It's The Klaxons. They are, it's fair to say, more surprised than they are drunk. And they're very drunk indeed. The microphones are unable cope, so they trash the microphones.

Lauren Laverne has now popped up on the balcony. Neil is slightly shocked - "they were always on the outside of who I thought would win" he says, forgetting that, erm, he hadn't mentioned them as possible winners in his earlier interview.

Oh, Lauren's been a judge again. The Klaxons have run onto the balcony - be careful, lads, she's pregnant. Jools has run after them with the cheque - which, if Nationwide used chip and pin technology to make the transfer, could have been avoided.

The Klaxons are being very happy and pleased, as if it's not quite sunk in that this, for them, is going to be the high water mark.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lashes pick up from Winehouse crash

Bookmakers are reporting (okay, "press-releasing" might be more accurate) that support for Amy Winehouse as likely Mercury winner has collapsed as fast as, erm, she has: Bat For Lashes are now pulling ahead as the clear favourite.

Curiously, the trailers for the BBC Four coverage are focusing on the Arctic Monkeys and a 'can they do the double' approach.

It's noticeable, though, that Bat For Lashes' label are currently spending squillions on advertising Fur And Gold in high-profile slots at the moment. And that's probably not aimed at the back-to-school market.