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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Boston bans the mosh pit

Boston Police seem to be setting out to recreate Footloose, only more messy. After a Flogging Molly gig at the House of Blues, the city has decided that there will be no more moshing in Boston:

According to police, 60 concertgoers engaged in an “aggressive mosh pit dance,” during which people were running and “colliding into each other,” including some who were “knocked to the ground.” No injuries were reported.
So that sounds like a pretty typical mosh pit. Sure, not to everyone's taste, but enter at your own risk, surely?

The cops, though, can't believe that security didn't intervene:
“Dancing is a First Amendment right, but the behavior itself is a violation, especially when it becomes dangerous and a public safety hazard,” Boston police spokeswoman Officer Nicole Grant said.

The city’s licensing board took the matter under advisement after a City Hall hearing yesterday, while the club was ordered to put up illuminated signs saying moshing is not allowed.
If they really want to get involved, couldn't they focus their energies on stopping people talking during the support band?

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Gordon in the morning: Dancing days

The front of Bizarre has a link to a story about George Sampson with the somewhat alarming headline:

Uncle Sampson woos George

It turns out that this isn't anything to do with ill-advised interfamily relations, but the news that there's a vague possibility that the musical Sampson is in might transfer to America. Hence Uncle Sam-pson.

Although there's nothing more than a vague possibility and an off-the-record claim that there are talks about transferring, Gordon has somehow crunched the numbers already:
It could earn the fleet-footed fella £250,000.

It could also earn him £7.50, or three squibillion pounds, or a six year spell in a Soviet-era gulag.

Gordon likes George, though. We think:
But George is a great lad who deserves his success. It’s nice to see all the fame and female fans going to a lad who is shy, humble and ego-free. For now.

The surprising emphasis was Smart's. Perhaps he just can't imaging that when Sampson is picking up a made-up half a million quid he'll be able to keep his feet on the ground.

Whatever did happen to Paul Potts?

Elsewhere, the story about David Walliams doesn't really need any commentary:
THIS picture will send Bizarre’s DAVID WALLIAMS gay-o-meter pinker than JORDAN’s wedding.

The Little Britain comic managed to wear men’s clothes for dinner with TV presenter DALE WINTON and actress BARBARA WINDSOR.

But he couldn’t have looked much more feminine as he planted a tender kiss on camp Dale’s cheek.

I hear David enjoyed his meal at London’s posh Scott’s restaurant – candy floss and a pink salmon salad.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Lavigne caves under Hilton pressure

Who says that Perez Hilton is all bad? After he ran a piece revealing Avril Lavigne's plans to underpay dancers, Lavigne has climbed down, cancelled the planned auditions and elected to not be so bloody tight:

"As of February 4th, 10:30pm Avril's management has canceled the audition tomorrow and has opened up a new conversation with the agencies. Thanks for everyone's support on this issue."

Gossip as an instrument of trades union power. Hilton should turn his attention to WalMart...

Friday, November 22, 2002

Westminster City Council: Eradicating fun

We've mentioned before how Westminster City Council (official slogan 'Don't make merry rand 'ere, we'll just gerrymander') have embarked on a campaign to push joy as far beyond its boundaries as it can - the objection to the Astoria licence, the policy that attempted to kill off drug users by suggesting that providing water in clubs would be tantamount to approving of drug use.

Now, they've prosecuted pubs because people were swaying rhythmically inside them, and they didn't have a licence for dancing. Seriously. We're not making this up - they've issued written warnings to pubs because people have been seen "swaying" on the premises.

There's always an official explanation:

"Premises providing music and dancing are required as a matter of law to obtain a licence. For this reason our inspectors visit premises. We need to observe whether a premises is encouraging entertainment and encouraging people to dance. The two premises of Pitcher and Piano were advised that they were encouraging music and dancing and that they should apply for a licence, they did not."

You'll notice that there wasn't actually any threat to public safety or civil order - there was no fear that at any moment, the gentle hip-wiggling might spill over into a full on West-Side-Story-esque street party with upturned bins, cars set on fire and screeching and rapes and murders. The action was brought because it could be, not because it needed to be. Petty.

Meanwhile, Peter Stringfellow is to be prosecuted by - yes, Westminster again - because the girls in his strip club touch people and are a bit lewd. The council sent in undercover officers, who allowed themselves to be pawed (that job really must suck, musn't it) - or rather, had buttocks rubbed on their thighs.

Sweetgwen, is this really what councils should be doing with their time? Spending cash sending people off for lapdances, and then squealing because there's a bit of gentle contact? Again, the question has to be: what is the exact point of this prosecution? I mean, we think Stringfellow is a creepy, scary man, but even so - who is going to be outraged by going into a lap dance club and getting a bit more than they pay for?