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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hard-Fi "apparently still going"

We were wondering what had happened to Hard-Fi the other day. Not for long, admittedly, but it was a genuine thought nevertheless. So it's with some surprise that we discover they've popped up in Nashville being helped out by Mick Jones' Carbon/Silicon outfit.

Mick Jones explained his presence:

"It's a west London thing, they're good boys."

Okay. He tried to explain his presence.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

There was a time when Embrace would have been top ten...

Anthony Thornton's Serande This has conducted a survey* and drawn up a list of the ten most hated bands in the world.

What it throws into relief is how, once a band is hated, it can take a lot longer for that bile to disappear than it does for the love to evaporate: Hard-Fi, Athlete and Keane all appear to still make people rummage about for sharp objects and loose cobbles to hurl, whereas you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who used to love them desperate to build a case on their behalf these days. Likewise, although Kula Shaker aren't there, it's probably only in the last eighteen months or so they've started to stop haunting people's nightmares.

* - Settle down, Ben Goldacre, he makes no claim to scientific methodology.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hard Fi accuse Led Zep of being cash machine

Steven Kemp - drummer with Hard Fi - has moaned about the cost of Led Zeppelin tickets:

"Paying over £100 for a ticket is a joke. Why should you pay so much money for it? These rock 'n' roll dinosaurs are coming out for one last pay cheque."

Now, we've never believed that 'all drummers are stupid', but Kemp might have wanted to think before shooting his mouth off. What with the money from the gig going to the Ahmet Ertegun Education fund, and the band stressing that it was the memory of their former mentor which brought them out of retirement, while there is much about the ticketing process for the event that is open to question, suggesting it's some sort of big pay day makes Kemp look a little cheap.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Hard-Fi "kill" record sleeves

Hard-Fi have taken it upon themselves to be the executioners of the record sleeve:

Singer Richard Archer says the band decided to feature the band’s name and LP title in small letters, whilst plastering the rest of the cover with the legend ‘No Cover Art’, as a response to a now digitally dominated music industry.

He explains to the Times, “The significance of album covers is becoming little more than a centimetre square on an iPod screen. The sleeve used to add another dimension to an album, but that seems to be disappearing, which is really sad."
Story continues below...

"We had the Sleeve of the Year in 2005 and we looked at every way of trying to top it. But perhaps the best way is to kill off the sleeve altogether."

So, it's not so much the band killing off the sleeve as, erm, there not being any sleeves at all. It all smacks a little of Lydon's PIL "Album"/ "Cassette" branding from, god, two decades ago.

But surely the most interesting thing about the new Hard-Fi album can be that it doesn't have a picture on it, can it? Can it?