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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jon Anderson: You deserve more than a maybe

Poor Jon Anderson. There he is, battling illness, knowing his mates in Yes are right behind him all the way - only to discover that in between popping round with grapes and copies of the People's Friend, they've been gently easing him out and hired a bloke to stand in for him on their forthcoming tour. And, actually, that bit about the grapes? They've not even done that. He feels disappointed:

Disappointed, and very Disrespected

Disappointed that, with the exception of one phone call from Alan, none of the guys have been in touch since my illness, just to find out how I am doing, and how we will foresee the future for YES. And disappointed that they were not willing to wait till 2009 when I’m fully recovered.

And I feel very disrespected, having spent most of this year creating songs and constant ideas for the band, spending time with Roger Dean creating a stage design, also working with VH1 and Sirius and XM Radio to help promote the welfare of YES.

Getting sick was not "on my radar”, and I thank my own angel Janeee and my family for helping me through this difficult time, and the many well wishers, friends and fans alike, for understanding that ''things happen''.

Of course I wish the guys all the best in their 'solo' work, but I just wish this could have been done in a more gentlemanly fashion. After all YES is a precious musical band.

This is not YES on tour...

To be fair, perhaps the boys were worried that if they held off until 2009, that Roger Dean stage set might start to look a little dated.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes. Well, no, not quite Yes.

Jon Anderson forced the cancellation of the Yes 40th anniversary tour and is still ill. So the band is hitting the road with Benoit David on vocals.

Who he? He's a singer in Yes tribute acts - although presumably they're not actually tribute acts any more if they feature an actual member of the actual band?

Anderson might be a little nervous about this development, as Yes seem to be enjoying having a singer who's a little more easy to work with:

[Chris] Squire hopes to work songs from [the Anderson-less Drama] album into the set for the upcoming tour, plus a few songs he said were not Anderson's favorites to perform live but the rest of the band likes.

Also, we hear David brings donuts to rehearsals.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

No Yes

The big Yes anniversary tour of America is off, as doctors have told Jon Anderson he needs to rest for six months following an asthma attack.

It was a huge asthma attack, to be fair; hence the big rest. Anderson issued a statement:

"I'd like everyone know how deeply disappointed I am by this turn of events," Anderson said. "I was looking forward to celebrating our music with the amazing family of Yes fans once again; but as we all know, health must come before anything else."

We do like that semi-reluctant sounding "as we all know..." No word on if the dates will be reorganised for the early part of next year.