Wednesday, March 20, 2002

so sunday was only one set of bands in the ballroom. no chairs. at least this time I'd had more sleep...

we got there later this time. we missed black dice, but heard saccharine trust while we were getting food. from what I heard I was glad we hadn't made the effort to get there any earlier.

so we went in towards the beginning of the dead c's set. not bad.. until the singer opened his mouth. before he did they were like a more coherent version of the jackie o. motherfuckers (guitars, feedback, noise stuff) but the singer sounded like he was torturing cats in front of the mic. luckily he didn't "sing" very much.

we grabbed a space against the wall and settled in. next up was peaches. holy fuck. she was so fucking cool. she had, like, a giant overhead projector set up and she had brought an artist to draw stuff that appeared on the blank screen behind her while she was singing. it was totally cool. the artist had also brought transparencies already drawn. at one point peaches was standing up on a platform at the back of the stage and the artist put up a drawing of a boxing ring around her. and then put boxing gloves on her hands. during another song she drew a las vegas showgirl style headress on her. she would draw pictures of women with fangs, women aging.. all sorts of stuff. she also brought black cutouts of people having sex in all sorts of combinations to put up during another song. she said this was only the second time they'd performed like that, but I think they should do it every time. I'm totally buying her cd.

next was mike watt's secondmen. they were awesome when mike watt was singing. when the guitarist was.. not so awesome.

everybody pushed forward for stereolab, so we couldn't see anything and stayed sitting on the floor. they sounded cool, though. and played my favorite song of theirs.

and finally, sonic youth. at this point helena and I (nayla stayed home to work on a paper) were so tired from everything that we only stayed for about a half hour. but it was cool. I hope I can see them again when I can be more enthusiastic. I did like what I heard and I'm planning on getting some of their stuff.

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