Tuesday, May 14, 2002

CAN YOU SAY OVER-REACHING? HOW ABOUT IF WE SPELL IT PHONETICALLY?: With Ant & Dec having left the "new Morecambe and Wise" tag lying about as they tried on Bewes and Bollam's shoes in the disaster that was the Likely Lads remake at the weekend - Declan, especially, cast adrift ina grown-up world that doesn't suit him - a new pair step up to the wicket. H and Claire from steps are, it seems, so keen to try and pass themselves off as Ant and Dec's replacements, they're even comparing themselves to the Greatest Double Act of all time (betting without Fox and Fleetwood, of course). They're "developing" (mediaspeak for "sucking cock") an idea which is "like" Morecambe & Wise - "it'll have some singing, comedy sketches and some guests." Which sort of misses the key point about M&W, in that it wasn't the format which was important; otherwise they could make a show a bit like the Channel 4 News by getting H a loud coloured tie and sitting Claire by a TV monitor talking. Still, could be worse - it could Fay and Lee.
Ananova tells us to hide - wonder if they'll appear in the same bed like Morecambe & Wise?

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