Monday, May 20, 2002

KERSHAWATCH: Not content with blowing up the Radio 6 studio, Liz Kershaw has just bemusingly delivered her verdict on Eminem - that she thinks its funny when he slags off Christina and Britney "for not wanting to go out with him" but says it makes her "uncomfortable" when he has a go at his parents. This seems to be the strangest angle of fence-sitting I've ever come across, but in that spirit - That Liz Kershaw, she's a skanky whore because she won't suck my cock. But I love my Da, I do. Okay, Liz?
Meanwhile, that Eminem single again - "it feels so empty without me" he claims. Um, what with the D-12 stuff, and Stan, and the Dre collaborations... could you give us a couple of months to put this to the test, Marshall?

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