Thursday, July 25, 2002

SPAMBANDS - BACK: It's been quiet on the Spam bands front recently, but all that has changed with the emergence of the drearily named Metropolitan, and the sudden re-emergence of Pole Position. Back in April, they were outed as one of the first spam bands, but a couple of posts to bsn recently took the saga a stage further. After having had a series of cross-posted gig announcements bounced back, their supporter tried to post again under a "this is not Spam" subject line - which we waved through purely on the strength of its Magritte-style surrealist subject line. Their argument was that they were talking about a gig on a list that was about music, and they had no financial interest in the event, so they weren't spamming. Which misunderstood both the nature of the list - which is for discussions between musical enthusiasms amongst people of a certain outlook, not a pin board for press releases; and the nature of spam - which is pasting the same message to multiple places. Pole Position remain, until they prove otherwise.

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