Friday, July 26, 2002

WHO NEEDS CRAIG VINES WHEN WE'VE GOT JEREMY VINE?: A while back we covered the pleasing news that Jeremy Vine has been selected to fill the shoes of Jimmy Young on Radio 2. Somehow, as a result, No Rock & Roll Fun managed to worm its way into the top responses when people Googled on Jeremy Vine's name. Now, while we think that anyone with a hole in their schedule and a song on their lips would be delighted to spend time on this site, we were starting to feel a bit guilty about all the people looking to expand their knowledge about Mr. V who were clicking through here. So we asked him if he'd help us out and supply a list of his all-time Top Ten. To his eternal credit, he did. And it's a bloody impressive collection of tracks too:
1. Lipstick Vogue (Elvis Costello)
2. Imitation of Christ (Psychedelic Furs)
3. Rector vs Spectre (The Fall)
4. The Book I Read (Talking Heads)
5. Shipbuilding (Robert Wyatt)
6. Legion (Theatre of Hate)
7. Last Night (The Strokes)
8. Anything from 'Dummy' (Portishead)
9. Isolation (Joy Division)
10. The Name of the Game (Abba)

Actually, forget the Jimmy Young show - this man should be doing the Evening Session at the very least...
Next week: John Humphrys' Top Ten Guitar Solos.

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