Monday, September 30, 2002

DON'T COME BACK IN ANGER: You wonder if the sudden and unexpected revelation that John Major not only shagged Edwina Currie, but quite happily pocketed cash from magazines who had the - ahem - cheek to suggest that he might not be as wedded to Victorian values as he liked to make out has led to the sudden rush of stars worrying about their not-quite-finished business. First, Noel Gallagher pays a quarter of a million to Sara to keep her mouth shut; then Simon Cowell does a pre-emptive rubbishing of Sinitta's autobiog ("She's known me for over 20 years, and has always had a very vivid imagination - so god knows what's going to be in it."; and we'd guess that Charlotte Church's car purchase might have some sort of strings attached to it, too.
Or maybe they're just trying to head off the chances of a Justin Timberlake/Plays for cunnilingus tales happening...
But it makes you wonder what they're all trying to keep quiet, doesn't it?

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