Monday, September 30, 2002

NO WAY, NO WAY: Last week, we were watching VH1's 100 Worst Videos of All Time (the winner, unfairly, was Wired For Sound by Cliff Richard - come on, it was 1981; technology was so low-fi we were excited by Walkmen, for crying out loud - it might look creaky now, but it stacks up besides most stuff from the time pretty well) and we came across a track called No Way, No Way by a band called Vanilla. Now, this is more like it - 1997, and still stuck with no ideas other than pointing a camera at a group of girls in horrid clothes (day glo crop tops and bikini bottoms; nobody matching anybody - nobody matching themselves); stood by a swimming pool singing a piece of fluffy nothing that was built around "mna-mna" from the muppets. Like gallstones, we found it hard to get the pain out of our bodies, and so just iddly googled on them, discovering that not only are they still around, but - perhaps shrewdly as it turned out - the band discovered Marx and announced they weren't in pop to make money. Bizarre publicity seekers? Really 'riot grrls on a pop platform'? Really about to re-release No Way No Way? Now, we're curious...

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