Friday, March 28, 2003

IS IT REALLY SO BLEAK IN THE MORNING?: The Nominations for the Sony Radio Awards are in, or out, or up, or whichever the correct preposition is called for here, and the most scary category is Breakfast. Now, we're Today people ourselves, except when we're able to listen to Danny Baker's London show (which requires us to be logged in to a computer, and the US not to be bombing the shite out of Iraq, as apparently lists of zip manufacturers have had to make way for John Gaunt and Rolling War From A London Viewpoint), but even so... amongst the five best music breakfast shows, we're asked to believe, is both Kev Seed's Radio City effort, which isn't even the best breakfast show in the Radio City Tower, never mind the country; and Christian O'Connell who's 'Hello Mr Ploppy' style of humour is also nominated as one of the five best entertainment shows on British Radio. Bloody hell, if the radio industry is so poor that obvious scatalogical jokes delivered with all the conviction of Saddam Hussein at an Amnesty International fund raiser is considered one of the best shows on offer, then maybe we should take it as a blessing that it looks like the communications bill is going to pretty much allow Clear Channel to come in and mop up (on the basis that the radio sector is unlikely to develop monopolies... erm, right).

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