Monday, March 10, 2003

POPS STOPS PEACE BOPS: There's something a little odd about the fuss over the George Michael appearance on Top of the Pops at the weekend. Producers wouldn't let him wear an anti-war tshirt, and only allowed his backing singers to keep the shirts on because they had nothing else with them and full-frontal teatime nudity is frowned on even more than messages of peace. The official line was "we're not here to give George a political platform, but to allow viewers to see one of the biggest stars on the show for the first time in a generation." Which would be fine, but he was singing an anti-war song - has it really got so shaky at TOTP that they really care more about what you're wearing than what you're singing? Presumably, Tatu could have been trilling "We lick underage minge, us/ we perform teen cunnilingus" and they'd have been allowed on providing they wore something a bit more demure.

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