Wednesday, May 07, 2003

CLEAR CHANNEL IN SOMETHING NOT EVIL SHOCK: A couple of weeks ago we speculated as to why no band has yet thought of offering MP3 downloads of all their gigs. We're not quite there yet, but Clear Channel have been piloting a scheme where almost instant official live bootlegs can be picked up by fans as they file out of a concert. This is the sort of positive move we, erm, haven't come to expect from CC or the record industry in general - obviously, major label acts haven't been able to take part; but it's a step forward from merely complaining about the losses represented when illegal bootlegs hit the market. A fresh, crisp, mixing desk copy of a gig; no need to wait and the band make money off it - who's losing out here? Apart from the guys who make the suitcases used by the guys in Camden Market?

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