Friday, July 04, 2003

WAS IT WORTH IT?: So, the first week sales of nuLizPhair with added pop!, and how has she done? All that spit, all that polish, and she sold 4,000 fewer than whitechocolatespaceegg did in its debut week. Now tmftml suggests that set against the context of falling record sales, that's not that bad, but really - oh, it is. This album came into town riding on an elephant's back, shouting "I'm here"; it's been crafted and designed to appeal to a much broader demographic, and yet she's failed to even match the sales an album launched with much less hoopla and aimed at a tiny segment of the Great American Public. We know that some Phairophiles have been holding off buying the album until they know if its any good or not, but the suggestion that now they can download it, play it through and aren't exactly beating a path to Tower crying "Liz, we're sorry we doubted you" bodes ill for future sales.

In a record company meeting, three suited men look at a sales graph. After a long time, one of them speaks:
"Okay, we suggest the leather chaps and bikini-top for the next video. But I'm not going to tell her."

And NYLPM wasn't impressed with hot white cum much, either

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