Wednesday, August 20, 2003

HE REALLY ISN'T EXPECTING TO SELL MANY, IS HE?: Andrew WK is offering to sign CDs for anyone who pre-orders the new album from his website and - get this - is going to phone up the first 250 people to buy. (Which we imagine will take him round until about next July, if it sells at the same rate as the last one.) It's almost worth it for the joy of speaking to the twoog, isn't it? If only to ask him about the refunds policy... But if ever you wanted an example of what a flare looks like when it's being shot from a sinking career, I think that would be it there, wouldn't it?

Andrew, since the death of Don Estelle, the British Music scene lacks a 'character' to stand outside the Doncaster branch of Woolworths singing and flogging CDs from a dog-eared cardboard box. We may have found a role for you.

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