Wednesday, September 17, 2003

NEXT STOP: ED BALL FOR THE BREAKFAST SHOW: Radio One's new big idea is getting Alan McGee in to do a show in the hope that it'll boost the station's New Bands Credibility. Now, we do cherish a lot of what McGee did for music before he became Oasis' pimp, but we're slightly puzzled as to why a man whose glory days are behind him is being given a saviour role - Poptones has been a awful flop in business terms, and it's hardly a label whose name you drop trying to pass yourself off as a young hipster, is it? And even McGee must feel ashamed trying to pretend that the Hives are of the same order as the Mary Chain and Oasis. And from what we've heard of him on the radio before, he needs a co-host - badly, badly - to be an effective communicator. Still, nice to see that Radio One's slimming down of Lamacq's portfolio in order to make way for younger, more vibrant, more connected presenters is at last paying benefits.

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