Monday, December 29, 2003

TALKING OF POPSTARS ACCUSED OF ABUSING KIDS: In Mexico, Gloria Trevi has gone on hungerstrike because, oddly enough, the prison authorities wouldn't let her mum come in and give her a home-cooked Christmas Dinner. (Who does she think she is: Grouty?) Trevi, of course, is popularly known as Mexico's Madonna - although so far Madonna's desperate re-inventions haven't yet taken quite so drastic steps as those Trevi is accused of - kidnapping, abuse of minors, that sort of thing. There's been more bad news for Gloria, too, as the judge presiding over her case has been told to treat the death of her daughter as a homicide - probably due to the odd funeral service Trevi chose, getting one of her backing singers to throw the body into a sewage channel in Brazil. Gloria might want to think about at least snacking a little before the trial, as she might need to have her wits about her when she starts to try and explain herself.

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