Sunday, January 18, 2004

AND THIS IS ME: This email nearly got chewed up (we've been having endless problems with the connections round our way) but we salvaged it - it's from K.:

I had a look at the NME's Morrissey story, and I'll probably be proved wrong, but while the 16-year-old inner me is ready to believe almost anything, don't you think the song titles are a little bit too, well, Morrisseyesque? Either he's taking the piss a little, or he's about to become the best Morrissey pastiche we've seen yet. Thinking about it, I'm not sure which of the two I'd prefer...

We love the idea of Morrissey becoming a Morrissey impersonator... which reminds us, we were surprised to read a review of Gene in this week's Guardian, still a going concern and, of course, still pushing the barrow of Morrissey-esque movements.

Talking of turning into a parody of yourself, how do you go from being one of the most vital voices of your generation to...

the time is... past

... flogging a novelty clock of yourself?

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