Sunday, February 29, 2004

COME UNDONE... BUT PAID FOR IT: Next time you hear Robbie Williams moaning on about how we just don't understand what life is like for him, and how it's all so terrible and unfair, you might like to cough politely and point out that the GBP17.5m payday he takes home might help a little. The figure comes from the first filing of Good Company, the Fat Dancer/EMI joint company which was constructed at the time of William's big deal with EMI.

While the cut will keep him in chips and pictures of women scratching their arses with tennis balls, the figures show exactly who has the whip hand in the partnership - and, to give you a hint, it's not the former Take That boy. EMI hoovers up 71.43 per cent of all Williams' non-recording profits, and every single razoo made by the website. In effect, then, Williams has mortgaged his future quite astonishingly. So, if he sticks out a single in a few years about 'made a financial deal/ cash up front for short term gain', even we might have a bit of symapthy for him.

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