Thursday, March 18, 2004

NONE OF THAT SHIT: We're not going to jump all over a band for allowing their music to be used in commercials - heck, we'd be the most ass-wiggling whore if we were approached by someone who'd taken the trouble to calculate how much money it would take for us to compromise and then pitched an offer at ten per cent above that. But we did raise a curious eyebrow that Cornershop had re-recorded Good Shit as Good Stuff, and for Target of all people. You'll recall that not so long ago Cornershop were slamming Pop Idol for being over-commercial and anti-music, and yet here they are, happily working with one of the mass-marketers of music, a store who sells CDs as loss leaders like Christmas Candy or toothpaste. Worse, they're even compromising their art for the sake of a store which has helped squeeze freedom of expression in the music world, by embracing the Parental Advisory label system to such an extent that they won't stock CDs that carry them, leading some bands to have to bowlderise their own words or face being locked out of the market altogether. It's all a little curious, to say the least.

On the other hand, we'd quite like to hear the Devo sanctioned Whip It reworked for Swiffer (Swiff it good).

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