Monday, April 19, 2004

ANOTHER NIFTY LITTLE TOOL: Looking for a specific CD cover? Afraid that if you try to search through Amazon they'll force you to answer questions about Leapfrog Teach-and-Read in return for a nickel? (Is it just me, or does that come across like being asked to dance naked for five bucks shoved between your asscheeks? I mean, I quite like that, but I don't expect it from Amazon). Anyway, now, you can just use Slothdog's Amazing CD and Album Cover Finder technology and get the pictures you want without having to feign interest as Amazon tries to show off its clothing and kitcheware.

Look, it's incredible: it'll bring you Strawberry Switchblade:

Dammit, it can even find you The Popguns:

Really, though, our other reason for mentioning this is that it gives us slim excuse to hang the following on:
Yesterday's Mail on Sunday had a big splash "LORD DIRT", outing John Birt as having been appointed director of a company which "processes payment for internet porn." Now, we're no fans of Birt, and would dearly love to see him being dragged through the streets from the back of a small Bedford van for the damage he inflicted on the BBC during his time in charge. But this was just the shoddiest piece of journalism we've seen in a long time - because the "internet porn payment processing" company Birt has been made director of is bloody PayPal. (Which, erm, you can use to give a virtual tip to Slothdog, see - we told you it was a slim excuse). Which is a bit like condemning the Daily Mail for being sold in shops that also flog Asian Babes.

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