Sunday, June 27, 2004

A FURTHER ROUND-UP: Dorian Lynskey has singled out Joss Stone as being the least unacceptable of that "NewBritishJazzTalent" cerebus: "neither as smug as Jamie Cullum nor as obnoxious as Amy Winehouse. She has a remarkable voice, and the presence to match. Seeing her dressed in a pink, midriff-baring top and trousers while hearing her sing is like watching Britney Spears come on and start belting it out like Aretha Franklin." Hmmm. Lolita does a passable recreation of Brigette Bardot's pop career, perhaps, or "the young Patsy Kensit" as its known round here.

A model of restraint, her Guardian colleague Betty Clarke describes the Ordinary Boy's obsessions: "Loud, proud and defiantly mod, they wear their love of Paul Weller on their short sleeves." And, let's not forget, the practically wear Paul Weller's love juice down their cocktail dresses.

The Guardian/Strongbow reviews have just about caught up with Paul McCartney - although we have to take issue with Tim Jonze when he suggests that the popular view of Macca is of someone guzzling Quorn: Linda's products are all TVP, the sworn enemy of Quorn in the veggie counter.

Playlouder's Andy Barding seems to be the only person so far who bothered with Christy Moore - Moore just does himself no favours by refusing to wear a really short skirt - and he thinks that this might be the old fire that this year's festival is lacking: "Not that the man's a walking deity or anything - heaven knows there are enough artists doing this sort of "protest" song around - just that, this Glasto at least, Christy seems to be the ONLY one doing it.
Why this should be, I don't know. Maybe we don't want to think about such things when we're on holiday any more. Maybe we only want to bop about to Muse.

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