Monday, June 28, 2004

GLASTONBURY MINI-INDEX: There were a lot of Glastonbury related posts here over the last four days, so here's a quick overview of all our Glasto stuff from the weekend:

Thursday entry:
- First arrivals at the site

Friday entries:
- Rumours: Cullum has had sex
- Redundant BBC online schedule
- Review: First impressions of the TV coverage, Goldfrapp, Colin and Edith

Saturday entries:
- Review of reviews: Oasis
- Death at the festival
- Review: Hope of the States
- Reviews: Starsailor, Jamie Cullum
- Reviews: McCartney, Gill Mills, Basement Jaxx

Sunday entries:
- Review of Reviews: including 6Music and BBC News on McCartney; on incest
- Rumours: Oasis rip up album and start again
- Reviews: Supergrass, Joss Stone
- Reviews: Morrissey, James Brown, Amy Winehouse
- What is happening with Morrissey's chin?
- Review: Stellastar*, plus Eavis versus Power
- Review-of-reviews, including The Guardian on Joss Stone and the NME on vegetarian food

Monday entries:
- Reviews: Orbital
- A glimpse of Goldfrapp's tail - some onstage pictures
- Technology: Robert Price shoots the festival in glorious MMS
- As bloggers return from Somerset, the first blog reviews are starting to come in.

What The Pop Papers Say: Glastonbury reviews edition.

And don't forget the Glastocam - a short Flash video of the first couple of days of the festival, made by sticking together the BBC webcam images with some glue. Unfortunately, the cam didn't make it all the way through the festival, so it peters out on Saturday night.
click here for glastocam

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