Monday, June 28, 2004

TIME TO PUT COWS BACK ON THE SOFA: So, the last knockings of Glastonbury: of course, it was all very sad that Orbital were calling it a day, but... they've never been very televisual, have they? Once you've gone "oh, yeah... lights on his glasses", there's nothing to see. And raving at home only has limited appeal, so while we're sure being there was great; as a small-screen spectacle (even one with lights strapped to the side) there wasn't much going for it.

And viewers who stuck with it seem a mite pissed off that they swapped them across channels just as they were about to play Chime and end their career forever. Oops.

Now, though... the clean-up begins. Which is going to take some people:

...longer than others.

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