Tuesday, July 20, 2004

EVERYONE WANTS A BIT OF THE STREETS: As if it wasn't bad enough someone popping up claiming the credit for Dry Your Eyes' music, now Chris Martin has appeared to say that he used to be the singer on it:

"Well it’s an interesting story if you’re into Coldplay and if you’re not its really boring, but Mike Skinner, his new single is called ‘Dry Your Eyes’ and there was this version of it which I sang the chorus. But I said I didn’t think it was as good as the version where he sang the chorus. Then he didn’t think that was as good as the version where some other dude sang the chorus, so neither him nor me sing on the chorus. But it was cool too... it was cool to spend the day with him. He’s an amazing guy; you know there are some great rappers coming out. I don’t know whether he’d class himself as a rapper or a MC or whatever."

Now, we're not in a place to judge this, but we'd suggest that - regardless of if you like Coldplay or not - that was a fairly interesting story told in a really dull fashion. This all took place during an interview with Harborough FM, which sounds like something made up for the Kit Curran Radio Show. The NME tries to spice up the transcript, to give them their dues - But "Chris Martin has spoken out" does oversell it somewhat. And we're not sure about the use of "joked" here, either:

Martin joked: "I think [Jay-Z] amazing. I’ve been listening to Jay-Z and Kraftwerk a lot. Trying to get inspiration for the last few songs on our album."

The interview then descended into banging on about the-not-funny-at-the-time Nappies spoof band for way too long, and how babies change "everything" (what, really? Why has nobody told us that before?)


Anonymous said...

Mike Skinner mentioned the chris Martin thing when he was on Zane Lowe's Radio One show a few months back. He cited 'record company bullshit' as the reason why the version featuring Chris Martin wasn't used.

Robin Carmody said...

I suspect the outmoded class-war politics that still permeate some NME journalism were a factor in the use of the word "joked".

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