Monday, September 13, 2004

BITTER MEN OF POP: The man who made Smack My Bitch Up has had a pop at the Beastie Boys calling them "weak and dated". Laim Howlett is basically grumbling that the Beasties invited him to DJ before their Reading set only to make some suggestions about what to play. How shocking. Let's hope that The Prodigy continue to do well, otherwise Liam might find himself in the position of the hired hand in other circumstances. He's especially peeved they wouldn't let him play Bitch - probably thought the Beasties were picking on him, specifically, but it's such a rubbish song it's now included as a standard on all contracts for mobile DJs that they won't play it.

Grump on, Liam:

"I hate their new record. It's weak and dated. But, I mean, I don't ring them up and tell them their album's crap, do I?"

No, you just tell the San Francisco Chronicle. Liam also says that Madonna's new stuff is shit and, yeah, he did DJ for her, but only for the money. Curious that he's happy to whore for Maddy but not for Ad-Rock. Perhaps Ad should have paid him another tenner?

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Anonymous said...

Also note that he's whining to the Chronicle a full *six years* after the festival in question. Maybe he'll come around to DJing for the Beasties by the time of a reunion tour.

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