Friday, September 03, 2004

YOU'RE NEVER ALONE, MICHAEL: If Mr. Jackson ever gets a break from balancing his chequebook ("Can you remember what this two million bucks was for in June? Was it a pay-off? Or did I need a nose-shoring?") he might like to take comfort in stop_filthy_press, a group dedicated to fighting for his honour, attacked as it is by nasty media types with nothing to hold against him more than a few photos of him dangling a baby over the edge of a balcony, rapidy disproved claims of police harrassment, photos of a face that bears no relation to the one he was born with and yet never having been touched by a plastic surgeon, and the cheerful admission by a man in his forties that he often has preteens over to sleep in his bed. Stop_filthy_press make all its members sign a pledge to uphold the Jacko's honour, before they're able to join the group and join in with its mission statement:

The Knights of Neverland is a Non-Profit Organization whose quest is the respect of human rights, focusing on our beloved Michael Jackson the world's most vulnerable and gentle entertainment icon; largest selling artist; and perhaps most extravagant solo philanthropist who is also, ironically, the most violated and media-taunted celebrity known to the modern world.

As members of The MJIADC you will be updated through this e-group regarding specific media and encouraged to send in any media you may find (TV, radio shows, magazines, tabloids, and so forth) who have made slanderous comments against Michael. Our members then write intelligent letters to that media letting them know you disapprove. We ask that you refrain from using vulgarity and from name calling so that the focus of your letter isn't lost in their opinion of you. The egroup will then serve the purpose of sharing slanderous information with the group and sharing the letters you have written. We also share good and uplifting articles! Through this egroup, you will also be notified of changes to the website.

Our biggest voice is in what we buy, so we discourage you from purchasing tabloids, particularly when they make slanderous comments against Michael. The 'entertainment' media, which tabloids, TV and radio shows are (and which all news media is fast becoming), have very little responsibility to report fairly and accurately. But the type of bashing we see upon Michael, his glorious voice stiffled, isn't what we want to see within humanity and for our children. So, we have to take the responsibility to use the voice they have given us: our wallets. Don't Buy Tabloids.

He may well be the most extravagant solo philanthropist in the world, what with those large cash payouts he makes to kids for no reason whatsoever and the always-open door at the Neverland ranch...

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