Friday, November 05, 2004

"I ate McDonald's every day when we were recording." - Beyonce Knowles, talking about McDonalds, after signing a big contract for tour sponsorship

Beyonce Knowles has revealed the extraordinary lengths she goes to in order to maintain her figure. The Destiny’s Child star sits down to a lunch of six slices of tomato and four slices of cucumber – and nothing else. “I have to,” she admitted. “Photos make you fatter, television adds pounds, and discipline is very important in this profession. “I am not naturally skinny. I am a real woman, I’ve got curves,” she told Bang magazine. “I am a natural fat person, just dying to get out. I go through agonies to keep my stomach as flat as possible – though it is never flat enough for me,” she has said - Beyonce on her diet choices before signing a massive McDonalds sponsorship