Tuesday, November 09, 2004

GOOD, NOTHING UNSEEMLY THERE, THEN: We've not had any access to core body temparture feedback, but we're guessing that it's fair to say that Peel's not cold yet and publishers are already having a spat over the books.

Transworld - who paid Peel GBP1.6million for an autobiography - are outraged that Orion are about to launch a cuttings and tuttings instant book about the DJ. Luckily, though, they realise that screeching like harpies in the week of Peel's funeral would be tasteless to... oh, hang on, apparently they don't:

Transworld spokesman Patrick Janson-Smith said: "Unlike those ambulance chasers at Orion, we have some sense and decency.

"John hasn't even been buried yet. We feel there should be a decent interval before discussing it with his widow, Shelia."

Presumably, then, the plan is to wait until the curtains have fully closed before buttonholing Sheila between the front and the main door to the cathedral.