Monday, November 22, 2004

HORSES' HEAD TO MR. SLATER'S ROOM, PLEASE: We suppose the ragged corpse of Frank Sinatra can't spin much more, as the various rotations caused by Westlife and Williams splotching his back catalogue with their low motility music jism, but if there are any bits left they'll be juddering away with the news that Christian Slater is going to do an albume of Sinatra covers. An "insider" claims that "record bosses are very keen to sign him up", which just goes to show how absolutely shit you can be and still have a big job in the music industry.

Still, at least it'll stop Slater doing acting for a while, creating an opening in Hollywood for a large hunk of slightly decayed wood with the words "Jack Nicholson" painted in a wobbly hand on its arse.