Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I, ELTON, TAKE MYPARTNERDAVIDFURNISH TO BE MY PARTNER...: Same sex weddings took a bit of a bashing last night at the election push-buttons in the US: all 11 states asked shuddered and said "let's just keep it between a man and a woman, like in that Bible book. If men married, just imagine how hairy the babies would be." And just when the idea of love conquering all was at its lowest ebb, Elton John announced plans to marry his partner, mypartnerdavidfurnish.

Actually, it's quite sweet when you think about it. In other Elton news, he's apparently lining up plans to play Vicarage Road on June 18th, in a bid to help Watford take back control of their stadium. He last played the footy ground thirty years ago.