Friday, November 05, 2004

IF YOU'RE SO HARD AT WORK, WHY ARE YOU DICKING ABOUT ON A COMPUTER?: Clearly, having hoovered the studio, sorted out the tape cupboard and eaten half a packet of Asda Puffin Bars, Sophie Ellis-Bextor was still trying to find ways to put off having to record more stuff for her album. So she hit on wasting time on the internet, posting to her own official website:

i am so proud of having such an active site. it is really lovely for me to see you all getting so excited about album 3 - as am i.
i can't really be sure as to the sound of this album as the producer element is the last thing chosen but i can say i am about half way through writing and i am genuinely happy with what i'm up to. this album has got to be fabulous so i'm really trying to be patient and do the best stuff ever. i hope you'll think it's worth the wait! in general the songs are a mix of the last two albums plus something new influenced by what else is in my life and what i've been listening to. sorry to be so vague but it's always tricky to articulate sound. anyhow, not too long before you'll be able to judge for yourself... next year for sure.

"It's tricky to articulate sound" could be a caveat for any music writer, we guess, so we won't be too hard on her for that. But she's fallen way behind schedule with this one, it looks like - the tours page on her website promises there'll be an announcement of 2004 tour dates soon, and with a year having passed since the last album, we're betting they'd have hoped to have had something for the Christmas market. Not that she's not got a good reason what with babies and sick babies and everything…