Tuesday, November 23, 2004

IT'S LIKE A GUY WHO BUILDS COMMUTER BELT HOMES HAVING A POP AT THE SWISS RE BUILDING: It's incredible that Louis Walsh - currently conspiring to dump a plank or two into the musical pool on the X Factor - can be sniffy about Kylie:

"She entertains and people love her but nobody talks about her voice - they talk about her ass. Kylie is a good looking girl and a great dancer but if she auditioned for X-Factor she probably wouldn't get through the vocal."

Now, we might be missing a point here, but since the pop charts have never demanded more than an ability to lightly prop up a tune, where's the problem that she has a talked-about ass and "entertains" people and comes across a lovable? If that would mean she didn't make it onto the top table for Walsh's TV gameshow, could he explain exactly what the "X-Factor" he's looking for is?